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Friends of Warner Parks is dedicated to the care of our sanctuary in the city.

Partnership directly supports efforts to preserve and protect historic Warner Parks, including its nearly 3,200 acres of beloved natural parkland.

Friends maintain trails, keep most Nature Center programs free for all, restore historic features, support volunteer programs, and more.

support levels

Little Acorn (for children 12 and under) - $10

Hungry Hawk - $30

Owl Hollow - $50

Cane Connector - $100

Harpeth Woods - $250

Warner Woods - $500

Mossy Ridge - $750

Luke Lea Society - $1000

(Donations are tax deductible.)

impact & benefits

Support advocacy efforts and partnership development

Help maintain miles of trails for thousands of visitors each month

Fund invasive plant removal and native tree planting programs

Fund volunteer cleanup efforts

Provide funding for capital projects and landmark preservation

Help present over a hundred free public environmental education programs

Support the vital S.W.E.A.T. program

Provide outdoor discovery for disadvantaged children

Receive monthly newsletters, a Friends of Warner Parks window cling, and access to Friend perks related to Friends’ events and promotions.

Contribute to quality of life in Nashville & Middle TN

Preserve ecologically & historically significant landmarks.

Fundraising is currently closed
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Goal: $500
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